Festival Films


Lan Nguyen

Lan Nguyen is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees and was raised in Long Beach, California. She is an award-winning filmmaker, community organizer, and educator. She is active in community organizing in progressive Southeast Asian American spaces and issues surrounding incarceration and deportation.


Rex Ny

Rex Ny is a mother of four. Her husband, Chuh, was deported back in 2017 and they are still trying to fight their case. His deportation has affected Rex, Chuh, and their girls profoundly mentally and emotionally. However their situation, they are still trying to fight. #FightingForFamily.


Bruce Reilly, J.D.

Bruce is the Deputy Director of Voice of the Experienced (VOTE) in New Orleans and a graduate of Tulane Law School. He served as a self-taught jailhouse lawyer while incarcerated for 12 years, before organizing with Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE).


Additional Films